Single Housing
YEAR / 1997 - 1999
LOCATION / Ntrafi, Rafina-Pikermi, Greece
SERVICES / Architecture, Electromechanical – Structural Engineering, Consulting, Project Management, Construction – Supervision

This highly photographed and publicized Mansion in Ntrafi, was built according to the owners’ demands, following neoclassic elements that where combined with colonial and rural European features.  The building is simple in form and composition with particular morphological features. The key feature is the main atrium, covered by a glass pyramid, which allows natural light to dissipate in the interior. The total built area is 600,00 square meters that spreads in 2 levels and has additional 700,00 square meters of basement and parking space. The plot covers an area of 4.000,00 square meters and someone could argue that the landscaped surroundings that create spaces of different activities and concentration (bbq, swimming pool, green areas, basketball court, outdoor dining, etc.), ideally complement the volume of the main building.