Residential Block at Evrota str.

Residential Blocks
YEAR / 2013 – 2015
LOCATION / Psychiko, Athens, Greece
SERVICES / Architecture, Electromechanical – Structural Engineering, Consulting, Project Management, Construction – Supervision, 3D Design

On this project our firm purchased the land, made the design, undertook the construction and finally we provided turnkey solutions. The plot area is 450,00 square meters and the over ground built area is 650,00 square meters with 300,00 square meters parking space and basement. Drawn in a very conditioned and rigid plot, adopting the only possible location and implantation area, and with a restricted budget, our architects designed the Residential Block at Evrota str. in N. Psychiko. Looking to optimize the area and volume of the property, we pushed the boundaries, going beyond the initial conditions, the conventional solutions and standard typologies, we set to find a fantastic balance between form, function and construction. The house has five different levels and 3 different ownerships. The minimal and rhythmic exterior translates the linearity of the vertical axis with the different horizontal volumes and slabs, which differ both in volume and use of materials, and define and determine the 3 different properties. What we have achieved is to maintain the individuality off all 3 different owners and even though they are in the same residential block it appears that each one lives in a single house.