Three summer houses – Zakynthos

Vacation Houses
YEAR / 2019 - ongoing
LOCATION / Vasiliko, Zakynthos Island, Greece
SERVICES / Electromechanical – Structural Engineering, Architecture, Project Management, Consulting, 3D Design

The plot is located at the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea. The traditional vernacular architecture meets modern design, in this Summer Residence at Zakynthos. Ιt has orientation in the big side towards South-East, overlooking Porto Zoro and the deep blue of the Ionian Sea. The project concerns three summer houses with hostels and three swimming  pools and the houses volumes are placed on a shaped layout with a central courtyard, as according to traditional prototypes. This central courtyard organises the operations, creating a central core in direct report to the uses around it. Using the elements of the traditional Architecture, we designed and constructed a building that is adjusted to the landscape, split in different levels. The natural materials, the contrast between the cold concrete and warm wood, monolithic surfaces and curved forms, form a relaxing environment and help discharge the users from the fast pace of the city.