A built space doest necessary remain constant. As needs change, the building needs to evolve and alter through time.

The constant technological development and the requirement for specialization, both in environmental and energy issues as well as in architectural quests that bring changes in our daily lives, has created new needs that besko is called to satisfy.

Combining the innovation and the technological perfection that comes from our perennial activity in the field, we promote new proposals and contemporary solutions, across the range of all our activities. For our team of qualified engineers, each project comprises a unique challenge, having as basic principle, the satisfaction of customer desires and always aiming at promoting “Sustainable Design” and “Green” architecture.

Focusing on three main axes (Evolution – Renovation – Support), we adapt our architecture to your needs and we help you renovate your old building into a modern house that meets the needs of today. Integrated Studies, Flawless Construction, Continuous Consulting and provision of Certified Equipment located on the cutting edge of “green” technology, are some of the services that besko can offer so that you can always be one step ahead of your time.

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