In besko we focus on providing creative, innovative and commercially successful projects in various fields.

We recognize that every project is as unique as each client. Having as basic principle sustainable design, with commitment to functionality and aesthetics, we achieve our main objective that is the harmonious integration of buildings into their natural and urban environment. Additionally we provide high quality of life for people who live and work in them.

Innovation, constitutes the focal point of besko in its architectural approach since its foundation. We use the latest information in the field of technology and in combination with the unparalleled creative spirit of its workforce, design buildings that inspire and complement the built environment. Furthermore, besko combines expertise with the latest design principles, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). This technology enables as to create structures and environments that are as unique as the respective areas incorporated.

Key importance in our approach is being flexible and versatile. We can create and synthesize projects according to the needs and the individual customer standards. Our vision is to create intense and dynamic connections between buildings and unstructured space. Match concept and ambition, through sustainable and timeless projects.

Architecture represents the fine balance between art and science. As a fully integrated multi-disciplinary company, besko considers synergy between architects, engineers, customers, and the community as essential for its success. What remains constant in all our projects is the devotion to innovation and the marriage of art and science. However our priority is the commitment to service and satisfy our customers.

The architectural work of besko is based on a solid foundation as it brings the optimal design, the proper control, the project budget and planning. Moreover by undertaking the project management we achieve the optimum outcome between cost and architectural quality.


besko provides comprehensive architectural services including programming for the implementation of a project, urban planning, architectural drawings and interior design.

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