Successful sustainable design depends upon innovative alternatives, use of new technology, custom solutions and a desire to think outside the box.

Our firm recognises that a facility’s performance over its lifecycle is the true measure of sustainability. Our approach to sustainable design considers energy efficiency, global climate change, indoor environmental quality, resource efficiency, material selection and site planning. We work closely with our clients to develop synergies between economic, environmental and social concerns in order to identify and implement effective sustainable strategies tailored to each unique project and location.


Energy upgrade

A very large part of bioclimatic design is the upgrade of existing buildings that are energy intensive. besko undertakes and offers through its specialised network of partners, the ideal solution for each installation and then proceeds to the implementation of interventions regarding Energy Upgrade in existing buildings and retrofit the implementation of the proposed solutions. The current building is being modernised with the use of modern and intertemporal solutions, always in line with the European Directives regarding Building Energy Efficiency and the EU targets for 2020.

The operating costs are greatly reduced, further providing an improved living and working environment. The proposed interventions are varied and oriented to meet the specific requirements of each building. These relate to passive and active systems.

Passive: External thermal insulation, roof insulation, replacement of conventional windows and doors, replacement ordinary lamps with LED.

Active systems: Heat Pump, natural gas installation, solar panels, photovoltaic installations, BEMS system.

Furthermore, the excellent expertise on energy issues, adherence to aesthetic applications, higher standards of provided product solutions and services, the fully qualified After Sales Service department by certified and specialised teams and the favourable financing conditions, highlight besko as the your most reliable partner.

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